Introducing Gray Flannel Cool – Make Google Music look as cool as it works


Google Music player
BEFORE and AFTER applying my new Stylebot restyle
(for the Chrome Browser)


BEFORE [click pics to zoom]

How to Install the Gray Flannel Cool style for Google Music

  •  if you don’t already have the Stylebot extension for Chrome, select:
     Chrome menu / tools / extensions / click  ‘get more extensions’ at the bottom of the page
    and install the free Stylebot Social extension — it only takes a couple seconds

Fig. 1

  • once you have Stylebot, go to the Gray Flannel Cool page at and use the style-install button you find there  [fig1]  — that’s all there is to it!

The next time you use Google’s online music player, you should see nice, muted content-forward neutral backgrounds, a less cluttered interface, and fewer awkward graphic elements.

But don’t worry, you haven’t hacked the actual site — just how it looks in your browser! 

And you can turn it off anytime or look for other restyles for Google Music  — and other sites — anytime you like, just remove the current custom style, click on the small Stylebot css button in the Chrome toolbar — you can preview the restyles instantly from the Stylebot install from social option.

Note: this restyles the entire Google Play Store. If you have any problems just use the Stylebot css button to remove the style or choose a different style from those available. If you do have problems, please feel free to leave a comment on the Gray Flannel Cool page.